SqlCeResultSet.GetChars Method

Copies a length of chars into the buffer, starting at a specified position in the specified field.

Namespace:  System.Data.SqlServerCe
Assembly:  System.Data.SqlServerCe (in System.Data.SqlServerCe.dll)

public override long GetChars(
	int ordinal,
	long dataIndex,
	char[] buffer,
	int bufferIndex,
	int length


Type: System.Int32
The ordinal position of the field from which to retrieve data.
Type: System.Int64
The offset (in chars) within the field from which to start copying.
Type: System.Char[]
The buffer into which to copy the data.
Type: System.Int32
The offset within the buffer from which to start the copy.
Type: System.Int32
The maximum number of bytes to copy.

Return Value

Type: System.Int64
The actual number of chars copied.


IDataRecord.GetChars(Int32, Int64, Char[], Int32, Int32)

This function returns the actual number of chars copied, which can be less than the requested length if the end of the field is reached.

If you pass in a null buffer, GetChars returns the length of the field, in chars.

If the command is executed with a command behavior of SequentialAccess, calls to GetChars must specify sequentially increasing reads; otherwise, an exception is thrown.

An exception is thrown if no field exists at the specified ordinal position.