This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ResourceType Properties

The ResourceType type exposes the following members.

Public property BaseType Gets a reference to base resource type, if any.
Public property CanReflectOnInstanceType Get whether the corresponding instance type represents the CLR type of this entity.
Public property CustomState Gets or sets a placeholder to hold custom state information about a resource type that is defined by the developer.
Public property ETagProperties Gets the list of properties for this type.
Public property FullName Gets the full name of the resource.
Public property InstanceType Reference to the CLR type that this resource represents.
Public property IsAbstract Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether this is an abstract type.
Public property IsMediaLinkEntry Gets or sets a Boolean value that is true if the resource type includes a default stream.
Public property IsOpenType Gets whether the resource type has open properties.
Public property IsReadOnly Gets a Boolean value that is true if this resource type has been set to read-only.
Public property KeyProperties Gets a list of key properties for this type
Public property Name Gets the name of the resource type.
Public property Namespace Gets the namespace of the resource type.
Public property Properties Gets a list of properties declared of this type that includes only properties defined on the type, not in the base type.
Public property PropertiesDeclaredOnThisType List of properties declared on this type.
Public property ResourceTypeKind Gets the ResourceTypeKind for the type.