This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Data.Services.Providers Namespace

Provides a series of interfaces that are implemented to define a custom data service provider for WCF Data Services. 

For more information, see Data Services Providers (WCF Data Services).

Public classDataServiceProviderMethodsPerforms late-bound operations on resource sets with a custom data service provider.
Public classOpenTypeMethodsUsed to perform late-bound operations on open properties.
Public classResourceAssociationSetDescribes an association between two resource sets.
Public classResourceAssociationSetEndDescribes an end point of a resource association set.
Public classResourcePropertyProvides a type to describe a property on a resource.
Public classResourceSetRepresents a collection of data service primitive, complex, or entity types.
Public classResourceTypeRepresents a data service primitive, complex, or entity type.
Public classServiceOperationRepresents a custom service operation.
Public classServiceOperationParameterRepresents parameter information for service operations.

Public interfaceIDataServiceMetadataProviderMaintains metadata about a custom data service provider.
Public interfaceIDataServicePagingProviderProvides paging support for the clients of a custom data service provider.
Public interfaceIDataServiceQueryProviderDefines a metadata and query source implementation for a custom data service provider.
Public interfaceIDataServiceStreamProviderEnables binary data to be accessed and changed as a media resource that belongs to an entity that is a media link entry.
Public interfaceIDataServiceUpdateProviderDefines the methods that must be implemented to supply eTag values to a custom data service provider.

Public enumerationResourcePropertyKindEnumeration for the kinds of properties that a resource can have.
Public enumerationResourceTypeKindEnumeration for the kind of resource key.
Public enumerationServiceOperationResultKindAn enumeration that describes the kind of results that a service operation provides.