IExpandProvider.ApplyExpansions Method

Applies expansions to the specified queryable parameter.

Namespace:  System.Data.Services
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Services (in Microsoft.Data.Services.dll)

IEnumerable ApplyExpansions(
	IQueryable queryable,
	ICollection<ExpandSegmentCollection> expandPaths


Type: System.Linq.IQueryable
The IQueryable<T> object to expand.
Type: System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<ExpandSegmentCollection>
A collection of ExpandSegmentCollection paths to expand.

Return Value

Type: System.Collections.IEnumerable
An IEnumerable object of the same type as the supplied queryable object that includes the specified expandPaths.

The ApplyExpansions method may modify the expandPaths to indicate which expansions are included.

The returned IEnumerable may implement the IExpandedResult interface to provide enumerable objects for the expansions; otherwise, the expanded information is expected to be found directly in the enumerated objects.