EntityPropertyMappingAttribute Class

Attribute that specifies a custom mapping between properties of an entity type and elements of an entry in an AtomPub feed returned by the data service.


Namespace:  System.Data.Services.Common
Assembly:  System.Data.Services.Client (in System.Data.Services.Client.dll)

[AttributeUsageAttribute(AttributeTargets.Class, AllowMultiple = true, Inherited = true)]
public sealed class EntityPropertyMappingAttribute : Attribute

The EntityPropertyMappingAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public methodEntityPropertyMappingAttribute(String, SyndicationItemProperty, SyndicationTextContentKind, Boolean)Creates a new instance of the EntityPropertyMappingAttribute.
Public methodEntityPropertyMappingAttribute(String, String, String, String, Boolean)Creates an instance of the EntityPropertyMappingAttribute to map a property to a custom feed element.

Public propertyKeepInContentGets a Boolean value that indicates whether a property value should be repeated both in the content section of the feed and in the mapped location.
Public propertySourcePathGets the name of the property of the syndication item that will be mapped to the specified element of the feed.
Public propertyTargetNamespacePrefixGets a string value that, together with TargetNamespaceUri, specifies the namespace in which the TargetPathelement exists.
Public propertyTargetNamespaceUriGets a string value that specifies the namespace URI of the element specified by the TargetPath property.
Public propertyTargetPathGets the name of the custom target in the feed to which the property is mapped.
Public propertyTargetSyndicationItemGets a property on the SyndicationItem class.
Public propertyTargetTextContentKindGets the type of content of the property mapped by EntityPropertyMappingAttribute.

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The EntityPropertyMappingAttribute is applied to generated client data service classes when the metadata used to generate the classes indicates that custom feed mappings are defined in the data model. This information is necessary to make sure that the client can create and consume messages that support custom feeds. For more information, see Atom Feed Customization (WCF Data Services).


Supported in: 5, 4

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