HttpStack Enumeration

WCF Data Services 5.0

Represents the type of HTTP implementation to use when accessing the data service.

Supported only by the WCF Data Services 5.0 client for Silverlight.

Namespace:  System.Data.Services.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.SL (in Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.SL.dll)

public enum HttpStack

Member nameDescription
AutoThe client automatically determines the HTTP implementation to use. This is the recommended setting.
ClientHttpA Silverlight client HTTP implementation is used.
XmlHttpAn XMLHTTP implementation is used.

The default value is Auto. When Auto is used, the client library automatically chooses the HTTP implementation that is used to access the data service. For example, when an XMLHTTP-based request cannot be used because of out-of-browser or cross-domain requirements, the Silverlight client HTTP implementation is used.