DataServiceClientFormat Class

Tracks the user-preferred format which the client should use when making requests.


Namespace:  System.Data.Services.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Services.Client (in Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.dll)

public sealed class DataServiceClientFormat

The DataServiceClientFormat type exposes the following members.

Public propertyLoadServiceModelInvoked when using the parameterless UseJson method in order to get the service model.
Public propertyODataFormatGets the current format. Defaults to Atom if nothing else has been specified.

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Public methodUseAtomIndicates that the client should use the Atom format.
Public methodUseJson()Indicates that the client should use the efficient JSON format. Will invoke the LoadServiceModel delegate property in order to get the required service model.
Public methodUseJson(IEdmModel)Indicates that the client should use the efficient JSON format.

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