GetUpdateCommand Method

OracleCommandBuilder.GetUpdateCommand Method

Note: This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 1.1 of the .NET Framework.

Gets the automatically generated OracleCommand object required to perform updates on the database.

[Visual Basic]
Public Function GetUpdateCommand() As OracleCommand
public OracleCommand GetUpdateCommand();
public: OracleCommand* GetUpdateCommand();
public function GetUpdateCommand() : OracleCommand;

Return Value

The automatically generated OracleCommand object required to perform updates.


You can use the GetUpdateCommand method for informational or troubleshooting purposes because it returns the OracleCommand object to be executed.

You can also use GetUpdateCommand as the basis of a modified command. For example, you might call GetUpdateCommand and modify the CommandText value, and then explicitly set that on the OracleDataAdapter.

The SQL statements are first generated when the application calls either Update or GetUpdateCommand.

For more information, see Automatically Generated Commands.


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