OleDbParameter::DbType Property


Gets or sets the DbType of the parameter.

Namespace:   System.Data.OleDb
Assembly:  System.Data (in System.Data.dll)

property DbType DbType {
	virtual DbType get() override;
	virtual void set(DbType value) override;

Property Value

Type: System.Data::DbType

One of the DbType values. The default is String.

Exception Condition

The property was not set to a valid DbType.

The OleDbType and DbType are linked. Therefore, setting the DbType changes the OleDbType to a supporting OleDbType.

For a list of the supported data types, see the appropriate OleDbType member. For more information, see DataAdapter Parameters.

The following example creates an OleDbParameter and sets some of its properties.

No code example is currently available or this language may not be supported.

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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