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OleDbConnection.InfoMessage Event

Occurs when the provider sends a warning or an informational message.

Namespace: System.Data.OleDb
Assembly: System.Data (in

public event OleDbInfoMessageEventHandler InfoMessage
/** @event */
public void add_InfoMessage (OleDbInfoMessageEventHandler value)

/** @event */
public void remove_InfoMessage (OleDbInfoMessageEventHandler value)

In JScript, you can handle the events defined by a class, but you cannot define your own.
Not applicable.

Clients that want to process warnings or informational messages sent by the server should create an OleDbInfoMessageEventHandler delegate to listen to this event.

The InfoMessage event occurs when a message with low severity is returned from the data source. Low severity messages are those that do not cause an exception. For Microsoft SQL Server, this includes error messages that have a severity of 10 or less

For more information and an example, see Working with Connection Events.

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