This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Data.Objects Namespace

The System.Data.Objects namespace includes classes that provide access to the core functionality of Object Services. These classes enable you to query, insert, update, and delete data by working with strongly typed CLR objects that are instances of entity types. Object Services supports both Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and Entity SQL queries against types that are defined in an Entity Data Model (EDM). Object Services materializes the returned data as objects and propagates object changes back to the data source. It also provides facilities for tracking changes, binding objects to controls, and handling concurrency. For more information, see Object Services Overview (Entity Framework).

Public classCompiledQueryRepresents a cached LINQ to Entities query.
Public classCurrentValueRecordProvides access to the current values of object data.
Public classObjectContextProvides facilities for querying and working with entity data as objects.
Public classObjectParameterRepresents a query parameter that is passed to an object query.
Public classObjectParameterCollectionRepresents the query parameters as ObjectParameter objects that are defined in an ObjectQuery<T>.
Public classObjectQueryImplements common functionality for queries against an Entity Data Model (EDM) using both LINQ to Entities and ObjectQuery<T>.
Public classObjectQuery<T>Represents a typed query against an Entity Data Model (EDM) in a given object context.
Public classObjectResultThe base class for the results of an object query against an Entity Data Model (EDM).
Public classObjectResult<T>Represents the result of an ObjectQuery<T> as an enumerable collection of objects.
Public classObjectStateEntryMaintains state and key information for objects and relationships and change tracking for object properties.
Public classObjectStateManagerMaintains object state and identity management for entity type instances and relationship instances.

Public enumerationMergeOptionSpecifies how objects being loaded into the object context are merged with objects already in the object context.
Public enumerationRefreshModeSpecifies whether property changes made to objects tracked by Object Services are kept or replaced with property values from the data source.