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EdmProperty Properties

EdmProperty Properties

The EdmProperty type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property BuiltInTypeKind Gets the built-in type kind for this EdmProperty. (Overrides MetadataItem.BuiltInTypeKind.)
Public property DeclaringType Gets the type on which this member is declared. (Inherited from EdmMember.)
Public property DefaultValue Gets the default value for this EdmProperty.
Public property Documentation Gets or sets the documentation associated with this type. (Inherited from MetadataItem.)
Public property MetadataProperties Gets the list of properties of the current type. (Inherited from MetadataItem.)
Public property Name Gets the name of this member. (Inherited from EdmMember.)
Public property Nullable Gets a value indicating whether this EdmProperty can have a null value.
Public property TypeUsage Gets the instance of the TypeUsage class that contains both the type of the member and facets for the type. (Inherited from EdmMember.)
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