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ComplexType Class

Represents a complex type in a conceptual model.

Namespace:  System.Data.Metadata.Edm
Assembly:  System.Data.Entity (in System.Data.Entity.dll)

public class ComplexType : StructuralType

The ComplexType type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbstractGets a value indicating whether this type is abstract or not. (Inherited from EdmType.)
Public propertyBaseTypeGets the base type of this type. (Inherited from EdmType.)
Public propertyBuiltInTypeKindGets the built-in type kind for this ComplexType. (Overrides MetadataItem.BuiltInTypeKind.)
Public propertyDocumentationGets or sets the documentation associated with this type. (Inherited from MetadataItem.)
Public propertyFullNameGets the full name of this type. (Inherited from EdmType.)
Public propertyMembersGets the list of members on this type. (Inherited from StructuralType.)
Public propertyMetadataPropertiesGets the list of properties of the current type. (Inherited from MetadataItem.)
Public propertyNameGets the name of this type. (Inherited from EdmType.)
Public propertyNamespaceNameGets the namespace of this type. (Inherited from EdmType.)
Public propertyPropertiesGets the list of properties for this ComplexType.

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Public methodGetCollectionTypeReturns an instance of the CollectionType whose element type is this type. (Inherited from EdmType.)
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Public methodToStringReturns the full name of this type. (Inherited from EdmType.)

The ComplexType in a conceptual model represents a type that includes a set of properties like an entity type but does not include a key property. For more information about the complex types in a conceptual model, see Complex Type and How to: Define a Model with Complex Types (Entity Framework).

The following code sample gets a metadata workspace from the connection and uses that metadata workspace to retrieve information about the properties of the complex types in the specified model. Note that the metadata workspace is a runtime service component that provides support for retrieving metadata.

The code sample uses a CSpace to specify the model. The CSpace represents the default name for the conceptual model. The code sample uses the CustomerComplexAddr model that is provided in How to: Define a Model with Complex Types (Entity Framework) topic. For an example of the application config file, see Implementing Complex Type (EDM) topic.

using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using System.Data.EntityClient;
using System.Data.Metadata.Edm;

class GetComplexTypeMembersExample
  static void Main()
      // Establish a connection to the underlying data provider by 
      // using the connection string specified in the config file.
      using (EntityConnection connection =
        new EntityConnection("Name=CustomerWComplexAddrEntities"))
         // Open the connection.

         // Access the metadata workspace.
         MetadataWorkspace workspace = 

         // Get properties of complex types.
         GetProperties(workspace, DataSpace.CSpace);
    catch (MetadataException exceptionMetadata)
       Console.WriteLine("MetadataException: {0}",
    catch (System.Data.MappingException exceptionMapping)
       Console.WriteLine("MappingException: {0}",

  public static void GetProperties(MetadataWorkspace workspace, 
      DataSpace model)
    // Get a collection of complex types.
    ReadOnlyCollection<ComplexType> complexTypes =

    // Iterate through the collection to get each complex type.
    foreach (ComplexType complexType in complexTypes)
         "\n\n***ComplexType Name: {0}, Namespace: {1}",

          "\nGet the properties of this " +
          "ComplexType object ==>");
          // Iterate through the collection to get each property of the 
          // current ComplexType object.
          foreach (EdmProperty property in complexType.Properties)
            Console.Write("   Property Name: {0} ", property.Name);

               "   Property declaring Type: {0}, edmtype: {1}," +
               " default: {2}, nullable: {3} ",
               property.DeclaringType, property.TypeUsage.EdmType,
               property.Default, property.Nullable);

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