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MetaDataMember Class

Represents the mapping between a field or a property of a domain object into a column of a database table.


Namespace:  System.Data.Linq.Mapping
Assembly:  System.Data.Linq (in System.Data.Linq.dll)

public abstract class MetaDataMember

The MetaDataMember type exposes the following members.

Protected methodMetaDataMemberInitializes a new instance of the MetaDataMember class.

Public propertyAssociationGets the MetaAssociation that corresponds to this member.
Public propertyAutoSyncGets the read-back behavior for this member for insert and update operations.
Public propertyCanBeNullGets whether the value of this member can be assigned the null value.
Public propertyDbTypeGets the type of the corresponding database column.
Public propertyDeclaringTypeGets the MetaType that contains this data member.
Public propertyDeferredSourceAccessorGets the accessor that is used to get and set the deferred source of this member.
Public propertyDeferredValueAccessorGets the accessor that is used to get and set the deferred value of this member (without causing fetch).
Public propertyExpressionGets the expression that defines a computed column.
Public propertyIsAssociationGets whether this member defines an association relationship.
Public propertyIsDbGeneratedGets whether this member is automatically generated by the database.
Public propertyIsDeferredGets whether the default behavior is to load this member on a deferred basis.
Public propertyIsDiscriminatorGets whether this member represents the inheritance discriminator.
Public propertyIsPersistentGets whether this member is mapped to a column (or constraint).
Public propertyIsPrimaryKeyGets whether this member is part of the type's identity.
Public propertyIsVersionGets whether this member represents the row version or timestamp.
Public propertyLoadMethodGets the DataContext method that is used to perform load operations.
Public propertyMappedNameGets the name of the column (or constraint) in the database.
Public propertyMemberGets the underlying MemberInfo.
Public propertyMemberAccessorGets the accessor that is used to get or set the value of this member.
Public propertyNameGets the name of the member, same as the MemberInfo name.
Public propertyOrdinalGets the ordinal position of this member in the default layout of query results.
Public propertyStorageAccessorGets the accessor that is used to get or set the storage value of this member.
Public propertyStorageMemberGets the member that stores the data for this member.
Public propertyTypeGets the type of this member.
Public propertyUpdateCheckGets the optimistic concurrency check policy for this member.

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.NET Framework

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