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System.Data.EntityClient Namespace

The System.Data.EntityClient namespace is the .NET Framework Data Provider for the Entity Framework.

The EntityClient provider uses storage-specific ADO.NET Data Provider classes and mapping metadata for interacting with entity data models. EntityClient translates operations performed on conceptual entities into operations performed on physical data sources. It translates result sets returned from physical data sources into conceptual entities.

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For more information about how to use this namespace in Entity Framework applications, see ADO.NET Entity Framework.

  Class Description
Public class EntityCommand Represents a command for the conceptual layer.
Public class EntityConnection Contains a reference to a conceptual model and a data source connection. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class EntityConnectionStringBuilder Provides a simple way to create and manage the contents of connection strings used by the EntityClient.
Public class EntityDataReader Reads a forward-only stream of rows from a data source.
Public class EntityParameter Represents a parameter used in EntityCommand.
Public class EntityParameterCollection Represents a collection of parameters associated with a EntityCommand.
Public class EntityProviderFactory Represents a set of methods for creating instances of a provider's implementation of the data source classes.
Public class EntityTransaction Specifies the transaction for an EntityCommand.
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