ManyToManyAssociationMappingConfiguration.MapRightKey Method (String[])

Entity Framework 6.0

Configures the name of the column(s) for the right foreign key. The right foreign key points to the parent entity of the the navigation property specified in the WithMany call.

Namespace:   System.Data.Entity.ModelConfiguration.Configuration
Assembly:  EntityFramework (in EntityFramework.dll)

public ManyToManyAssociationMappingConfiguration MapRightKey(
	params string[] keyColumnNames


Type: System.String[]

The foreign key column names. When using multiple foreign key properties, the properties must be specified in the same order that the the primary key properties were configured for the target entity type.

Return Value

Type: System.Data.Entity.ModelConfiguration.Configuration.ManyToManyAssociationMappingConfiguration

The same ManyToManyAssociationMappingConfiguration instance so that multiple calls can be chained.

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