System.Data.Entity.Migrations.Design Namespace

Provides classes that generate code for code-based migrations.

  Class Description
Public class CSharpMigrationCodeGenerator Generates C# code for a code-based migration.
Public class MigrationCodeGenerator Base class for providers that generate code for code-based migrations.
Public class MigrationScaffolder Scaffolds code-based migrations to apply pending model changes to the database.
Public class ScaffoldedMigration Represents a code-based migration that has been scaffolded and is ready to be written to a file.
Public class ToolingException Represents an exception that occurred while running an operation in another AppDomain in the ToolingFacade.
Public class ToolingFacade Represents a helper class that is used by design time tools to run migrations related commands that need to interact with an application that is being edited in Visual Studio.Because the application is being edited the assemblies need to be loaded in a separate AppDomain to ensure the latest version is always loaded. The App/Web.config file from the startup project is also copied to ensure that any configuration is applied.
Public class VisualBasicMigrationCodeGenerator Generates Visual Basic .Net code for a code-based migration.