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System.Data.Entity.Migrations Namespace


The System.Data.Entity.Migrations namespace contains classes related to code-based migrations and their configurations.


Represents the base class for code-based migrations. Entity Framework Migrations APIs are not designed to accept input provided by untrusted sources (such as the end user of an application). If input is accepted from such sources it should be validated before being passed to these APIs to protect against SQL injection attacks etc.


Configuration relating to the use of migrations for a given model. You will typically create a configuration class that derives from DbMigrationsConfiguration<TContext> rather than using this class.


Configuration relating to the use of migrations for a given model.


DbMigrator is used to apply existing migrations to a database. DbMigrator can be used to upgrade and downgrade to any given migration. To scaffold migrations based on changes to your model use MigrationScaffolder


A set of extension methods for IDbSet<TEntity>


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