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System.Data.Entity.Migrations Namespace

Entity Framework 5.0

Contains classes related to code-based migrations and their configurations.

  Class Description
Public class DbMigration Represents the base class for code-based migrations.
Public class DbMigrationsConfiguration Configuration relating to the use of migrations for a given model. You will typically create a configuration class that derives from DbMigrationsConfiguration<TContext> rather than using this class.
Public class DbMigrationsConfiguration<TContext> Represents the configuration relating to the use of migrations for a given model.
Public class DbMigrator Used to apply existing migrations to a database. This class can be used to upgrade and downgrade to any given migration. To scaffold migrations based on changes to your model, use MigrationScaffolder.
Public class IDbSetExtensions A set of extension methods for IDbSet<TEntity>.


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