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System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.MappingViews Namespace

[This page is specific to the Entity Framework version 6. The latest version is available as the 'Entity Framework' NuGet package. For more information about Entity Framework, see msdn.com/data/ef.]

Public classDbMappingViewRepresents a mapping view.
Public classDbMappingViewCacheRepresents the base abstract class for mapping view cache implementations. Derived classes must have a parameterless constructor if used with DbMappingViewCacheTypeAttribute.
Public classDbMappingViewCacheFactorySpecifies the means to create concrete DbMappingViewCache instances.
Public classDbMappingViewCacheTypeAttributeDefines a custom attribute that specifies the mapping view cache type (subclass of DbMappingViewCache ) associated with a context type (subclass of ObjectContext or DbContext ). The cache type is instantiated at runtime and used to retrieve pre-generated views in the corresponding context.
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