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System.Data.Entity.Design Namespace

The System.Data.Entity.Design namespace contains classes to generate Entity Data Model (EDM) files and object source code.

The System.Data.Entity.Design classes support the EDM tools. For more information about the EDM tools, see Entity Data Model Tools.

  Class Description
Public class EdmToObjectNamespaceMap Represents a collection of conceptual model to code namespace mappings.
Public class EntityClassGenerator Generates object context and entity classes (object layer code) from conceptual schema definition language (CSDL) files.
Public class EntityCodeGenerator Generates object context and entity classes (object layer code) from conceptual schema definition language (CSDL) files. Starting with Entity Framework version 4, an ObjectContext class for a specific model contains properties of type ObjectSet that represent the model’s entity sets.
Public class EntityFrameworkVersions Provides information about different versions of the Entity Framework.
Public class EntityModelSchemaGenerator The class creates a default CCMapping between an EntityContainer in S space and an EntityContainer in C space. The Mapping will be created based on the declared types of extents. So Inheritance does not work.
Public class EntityStoreSchemaFilterEntry Represents a single filter entry. The filter is used to allow or exclude particular database objects during generation.
Public class EntityStoreSchemaGenerator Responsible for Loading Database Schema Information.
Public class EntityViewGenerator Generates views for the extents in the StorageMappingItemCollection, and creates a source code file for a type that will cache these views.
Public class MetadataExtensionMethods Represents the methods for the metadata publishing protocols.
Public class MetadataItemCollectionFactory Represents a set of methods for creating metadata ItemCollection instances.
Public class PropertyGeneratedEventArgs Provides data for the OnPropertyGenerated event.
Public class TypeGeneratedEventArgs Provides data for the OnTypeGenerated event.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate PropertyGeneratedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the OnPropertyGenerated event.
Public delegate TypeGeneratedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the OnTypeGenerated event.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EntityStoreSchemaFilterEffect Specifies whether to allow or exclude database objects that match the pattern specified in the EntityStoreSchemaFilterEntry.
Public enumeration EntityStoreSchemaFilterObjectTypes Specifies the store object type to apply the schema filter to.
Public enumeration LanguageOption Specifies the language for the generated code.
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