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DbSet::Local Property


Gets an ObservableCollection<T> that represents a local view of all Added, Unchanged, and Modified entities in this set. This local view will stay in sync as entities are added or removed from the context. Likewise, entities added to or removed from the local view will automatically be added to or removed from the context.

Namespace:   System.Data.Entity
Assembly:  EntityFramework (in EntityFramework.dll)

[SuppressMessageAttribute("Microsoft.Design", "CA1065:DoNotRaiseExceptionsInUnexpectedLocations")]
property IList^ Local {
	virtual IList^ get();

Property Value

Type: System.Collections::IList^

The local view.

This property can be used for data binding by populating the set with data, for example by using the Load extension method, and then binding to the local data through this property. For WPF bind to this property directly. For Windows Forms bind to the result of calling ToBindingList on this property

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