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System.Data.Entity.Core.Objects Namespace

[This page is specific to the Entity Framework version 6. The latest version is available as the 'Entity Framework' NuGet package. For more information about Entity Framework, see msdn.com/data/ef.]

The System.Data.Entity.Core.Objects namespace provides facilities for querying and working with entity data types.

Public classCompiledQueryCaches an ELinq query
Public classCurrentValueRecordThe values currently assigned to the properties of an entity.
Public classDbUpdatableDataRecordProvides access to the original values of object data. The DbUpdatableDataRecord implements methods that allow updates to the original values of an object.
Public classEntityFunctions Obsolete. Provides common language runtime (CLR) methods that expose EDM canonical functions for use in DbContext or ObjectContext LINQ to Entities queries.
Public classExecutionOptionsRepresents options for query execution.
Public classObjectContextObjectContext is the top-level object that encapsulates a connection between the CLR and the database, serving as a gateway for Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations.
Public classObjectContextOptionsDefines options that affect the behavior of the ObjectContext.
Public classObjectMaterializedEventArgsEventArgs for the ObjectMaterialized event.
Public classObjectParameterThis class represents a query parameter at the object layer, which consists of a Name, a Type and a Value.
Public classObjectParameterCollectionRepresents a collection of query parameters at the object layer.
Public classObjectQueryThis class implements untyped queries at the object-layer.
Public classObjectQuery<T>ObjectQuery implements strongly-typed queries at the object-layer. Queries are specified using Entity-SQL strings and may be created by calling the Entity-SQL-based query builder methods declared by ObjectQuery.
Public classObjectResultThis class implements IEnumerable and IDisposable. Instance of this class is returned from ObjectQuery.Execute method.
Public classObjectResult<T>This class represents the result of the Execute(MergeOption) method.
Public classObjectSet<TEntity>Represents a typed entity set that is used to perform create, read, update, and delete operations.
Public classObjectStateEntryRepresents either a entity, entity stub or relationship
Public classObjectStateManagerMaintains object state and identity management for entity type instances and relationship instances.
Public classOriginalValueRecordThe original values of the properties of an entity when it was retrieved from the database.
Public classProxyDataContractResolverA DataContractResolver that knows how to resolve proxy types created for persistent ignorant classes to their base types. This is used with the DataContractSerializer.

Public interfaceIObjectSet<TEntity>Defines behavior for implementations of IQueryable that allow modifications to the membership of the resulting set.

Public delegateObjectMaterializedEventHandlerDelegate for the ObjectMaterialized event.

Public enumerationMergeOptionThe different ways that new objects loaded from the database can be merged with existing objects already in memory.
Public enumerationRefreshModeDefines the different ways to handle modified properties when refreshing in-memory data from the database.
Public enumerationSaveOptionsFlags used to modify behavior of ObjectContext.SaveChanges()
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