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System.Data.Entity.Core.Mapping Namespace

[This page is specific to the Entity Framework version 6. The latest version is available as the 'Entity Framework' NuGet package. For more information about Entity Framework, see msdn.com/data/ef.]

The System.Data.Entity.Core.Mapping namespace contains classes that manages entity framework mapping.

Public classAssociationSetMappingRepresents the Mapping metadata for an AssociationSet in CS space.
Public classAssociationSetModificationFunctionMappingDescribes modification function mappings for an association set.
Public classAssociationTypeMappingRepresents the Mapping metadata for an association type map in CS space.
Public classComplexPropertyMappingMapping metadata for Complex properties.
Public classComplexTypeMappingMapping metadata for Complex Types.
Public classConditionPropertyMappingMapping metadata for Conditional property mapping on a type. Condition Property Mapping specifies a Condition either on the C side property or S side property.
Public classEndPropertyMappingMapping metadata for End property of an association.
Public classEntityContainerMappingRepresents the Mapping metadata for the EntityContainer map in CS space.
Public classEntitySetBaseMappingRepresents the Mapping metadata for an Extent in CS space.
Public classEntitySetMappingRepresents the Mapping metadata for an EnitytSet in CS space.
Public classEntityTypeMappingMapping metadata for Entity type. If an EntitySet represents entities of more than one type, than we will have more than one EntityTypeMapping for an EntitySet( For ex : if PersonSet Entity extent represents entities of types Person and Customer, than we will have two EntityType Mappings under mapping for PersonSet).
Public classEntityTypeModificationFunctionMappingDescribes the modification function mappings for an entity type within an entity set.
Public classEntityViewContainer Obsolete. Base class for the type created at design time to store the generated views.
Public classEntityViewGenerationAttribute Obsolete. Attribute to mark the assemblies that contain the generated views type.
Public classFunctionImportComplexTypeMappingRepresents a complex type mapping for a function import result.
Public classFunctionImportEntityTypeMappingRepresents a function import entity type mapping.
Public classFunctionImportEntityTypeMappingConditionRepresents a mapping condition for a function import result.
Public classFunctionImportEntityTypeMappingConditionIsNullRepresents a mapping condition for the result of a function import evaluated by checking null or not null.
Public classFunctionImportEntityTypeMappingConditionValueRepresents a mapping condition for the result of a function import, evaluated by comparison with a specified value.
Public classFunctionImportMappingRepresents a mapping from a model function import to a store composable or non-composable function.
Public classFunctionImportMappingComposableRepresents a mapping from a model function import to a store composable function.
Public classFunctionImportMappingNonComposableRepresents a mapping from a model function import to a store non-composable function.
Public classFunctionImportResultMappingRepresents a result mapping for a function import.
Public classFunctionImportReturnTypePropertyMappingBase class for mapping a property of a function import return type.
Public classFunctionImportReturnTypeScalarPropertyMappingMaps a function import return type property to a table column.
Public classFunctionImportStructuralTypeMappingSpecifies a function import structural type mapping.
Public classIsNullConditionMappingSpecifies a mapping condition evaluated by checking whether the value of the a property/column is null or not null.
Public classMappingBaseRepresents the base item class for all the mapping metadata
Public classMappingFragmentRepresents the metadata for mapping fragment. A set of mapping fragments makes up the Set mappings( EntitySet, AssociationSet or CompositionSet ) Each MappingFragment provides mapping for those properties of a type that map to a single table.
Public classMappingItemRepresents a base class for items in the mapping space (DataSpace.CSSpace).
Public classMappingItemCollectionClass for representing a collection of mapping items in Edm space.
Public classModificationFunctionMappingDescribes modification function binding for change processing of entities or associations.
Public classModificationFunctionMemberPathDescribes the location of a member within an entity or association type structure.
Public classModificationFunctionParameterBindingRepresents the binding of a modification function parameter to a member of the entity or association being modified.
Public classModificationFunctionResultBindingDefines a binding from a named result set column to a member taking the value.
Public classPropertyMappingMapping metadata for all types of property mappings.
Public classScalarPropertyMappingMapping metadata for scalar properties.
Public classStorageMappingItemCollectionRepresents a collection of items in Storage Mapping (CS Mapping) space.
Public classStructuralTypeMappingSpecifies a structural type mapping.
Public classTypeMappingRepresents the Mapping metadata for a type map in CS space.
Public classValueConditionMappingSpecifies a mapping condition evaluated by comparing the value of a property or column with a given value.
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