DBConcurrencyException.Row Property

Gets or sets the value of the DataRow that generated the DBConcurrencyException.

Namespace: System.Data
Assembly: System.Data (in system.data.dll)

public DataRow Row { get; set; 
/** @property */
public DataRow get_Row ()

/** @property */
public void set_Row (DataRow value)

public function get Row () : DataRow

public function set Row (value : DataRow)

Property Value

The value of the DataRow.

Use Row to retrieve the value of the DataRow row that generated the DBConcurrencyException. Setting the value of the DataRow has no effect.

When performing batch updates with the ContinueUpdateOnError property of the DataAdapter set to true, this exception is thrown if all row updates fail. In this case, this DBConcurrencyException contains DataRow objects for all rows whose update failed, rather than just the one DataRow object in Row, and the affected DataRow objects can be retrieved by calling CopyToRows.

Serialization support does not exist for DataRow objects. Therefore, if you serialize a DBConcurrencyException object, the value of the Row property in the serialized version of the object is set to a null value.

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