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GetProviderSpecificValues Method

DataTableReader.GetProviderSpecificValues Method

Fills the supplied array with provider-specific type information for all the columns in the DataTableReader.

Namespace: System.Data
Assembly: System.Data (in system.data.dll)

public override int GetProviderSpecificValues (
	Object[] values
public int GetProviderSpecificValues (
	Object[] values
public override function GetProviderSpecificValues (
	values : Object[]
) : int
Not applicable.



An array of objects to be filled in with type information for the columns in the DataTableReader.

Return Value

The number of column values copied into the array.

Exception typeCondition


An attempt was made to retrieve data from a deleted row.


An attempt was made to read or access a column in a closed DataTableReader.

Because the DataTableReader always returns the data of the type stored within the underlying DataColumn, the values returned by calling the GetProviderSpecificValues method is always of the same types as the data stored within the DataTable. When you work with the DataTableReader class, calling the GetProviderSpecificValues method returns the same values and types as calling the GetValues method.

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