This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DbCommandBuilder.ApplyParameterInfo Method

Allows the provider implementation of the DbCommandBuilder class to handle additional parameter properties.

Namespace: System.Data.Common
Assembly: System.Data (in

Protected MustOverride Sub ApplyParameterInfo ( _
	parameter As DbParameter, _
	row As DataRow, _
	statementType As StatementType, _
	whereClause As Boolean _
Dim parameter As DbParameter
Dim row As DataRow
Dim statementType As StatementType
Dim whereClause As Boolean

Me.ApplyParameterInfo(parameter, row, statementType, whereClause)
protected abstract void ApplyParameterInfo (
	DbParameter parameter, 
	DataRow row, 
	StatementType statementType, 
	boolean whereClause
protected abstract function ApplyParameterInfo (
	parameter : DbParameter, 
	row : DataRow, 
	statementType : StatementType, 
	whereClause : boolean
Not applicable.



A DbParameter to which the additional modifications are applied.


The DataRow from the schema table provided by GetSchemaTable.


The type of command being generated; INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE.


true if the parameter is part of the update or delete WHERE clause, false if it is part of the insert or update values.

This method allows an implementation of the DbCommandBuilder class to handle provider-specific parameter properties.

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