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System.Data.Common Namespace

The System.Data.Common namespace contains classes shared by the .NET Framework data providers.

A .NET Framework data provider describes a collection of classes used to access a data source, such as a database, in the managed space.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
DataAdapter Represents a set of data commands and a database connection that are used to fill the DataSet and update the data source.
DataColumnMapping Contains a generic column mapping for an object that inherits from DataAdapter. This class cannot be inherited.
DataColumnMappingCollection Contains a collection of DataColumnMapping objects.
DataTableMapping Contains a description of a mapped relationship between a source table and a DataTable. This class is used by a DataAdapter when populating a DataSet.
DataTableMappingCollection A collection of DataTableMapping objects. This class cannot be inherited.
DbDataAdapter Aids implementation of the IDbDataAdapter interface. Inheritors of DbDataAdapter implement a set of functions to provide strong typing, but inherit most of the functionality needed to fully implement a DataAdapter.
DBDataPermission Enables a .NET Framework data provider to help ensure that a user has a security level adequate for accessing data.
DBDataPermissionAttribute Associates a security action with a custom security attribute.
DbDataRecord Implements IDataRecord and ICustomTypeDescriptor, and provides data binding support for DbEnumerator.
DbEnumerator Exposes the GetEnumerator method, which supports a simple iteration over a collection by a .NET Framework data provider.
RowUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for the RowUpdated event of a .NET Framework data provider.
RowUpdatingEventArgs Provides the data for the RowUpdating event of a .NET Framework data provider.

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