IInternalConfigRecord Members

Defines interfaces used by internal .NET structures to support creation of new configuration records.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IInternalConfigRecord type.

  Name Description
Public property ConfigPath Gets a string representing a configuration file path.
Public property HasInitErrors Returns a value indicating whether an error occurred during initialization of a configuration object.
Public property StreamName Returns the name of a Stream object performing I/O tasks on the configuration file.

  Name Description
Public method GetLkgSection Returns an object representing a section of a configuration from the last-known-good (LKG) configuration.
Public method GetSection Returns an Object instance representing a section of a configuration file.
Public method RefreshSection Causes a specified section of the configuration object to be reinitialized.
Public method Remove Removes a configuration record.
Public method ThrowIfInitErrors Grants the configuration object the permission to throw an exception if an error occurs during initialization.

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