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ISite Interface
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ISite Interface

Provides functionality required by sites.

Namespace:  System.ComponentModel
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

<ComVisibleAttribute(True)> _
Public Interface ISite _
	Inherits IServiceProvider

The ISite type exposes the following members.

Public propertySupported by the XNA FrameworkComponentGets the component associated with the ISite when implemented by a class.
Public propertySupported by the XNA FrameworkContainerGets the IContainer associated with the ISite when implemented by a class.
Public propertySupported by the XNA FrameworkDesignModeDetermines whether the component is in design mode when implemented by a class.
Public propertySupported by the XNA FrameworkNameGets or sets the name of the component associated with the ISite when implemented by a class.

Public methodSupported by the XNA FrameworkGetServiceGets the service object of the specified type. (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)

Sites bind a Component to a Container and enable communication between them, as well as provide a way for the container to manage its components.

Sites can also serve as a repository for container-specific, per-component information, such as the component name. For more information about components, see Programming with Components.

Notes to Implementers

To be a site, a class must implement the ISite interface.

The following example demonstrates the implementation of ISite, IComponent, and IContainer for use in a library container.

	'The following example demonstrates the implementation of  
	'ISite, IComponent, and IContainer for use in a simple library container. 
	'This example imports the System, System.ComponentModel, and System.Collections 

	'This code segment implements the ISite and IComponent interfaces. 
	'The implementation of the IContainer interface can be seen in the documentation  
	'of IContainer. 

	'Implement the ISite interface. 

	'The ISBNSite class represents the ISBN name of the book component 
Class ISBNSite
    Implements ISite
    Private m_curComponent As IComponent
    Private m_curContainer As IContainer
    Private m_bDesignMode As Boolean 
    Private m_ISBNCmpName As String 

    Public Sub New(ByVal actvCntr As IContainer, ByVal prntCmpnt As IComponent)
        m_curComponent = prntCmpnt
        m_curContainer = actvCntr
        m_bDesignMode = False
        m_ISBNCmpName = Nothing 
    End Sub 

    'Support the ISite interface. 
    Public ReadOnly Property Component() As IComponent Implements ISite.Component
            Return m_curComponent
        End Get 
    End Property 

    Public ReadOnly Property Container() As IContainer Implements ISite.Container
            Return m_curContainer
        End Get 
    End Property 

    Public ReadOnly Property DesignMode() As Boolean Implements ISite.DesignMode
            Return m_bDesignMode
        End Get 
    End Property 

    Public Property Name() As String Implements ISite.Name
            Return m_ISBNCmpName
        End Get 
        Set(ByVal Value As String)
            m_ISBNCmpName = Value
        End Set 
    End Property 

    'Support the IServiceProvider interface. 
    Public Function GetService(ByVal serviceType As Type) As Object Implements IServiceProvider.GetService
        'This example does not use any service object.
        GetService = Nothing 
    End Function 
End Class 

'The BookComponent class represents the book component of the library container. 
Class BookComponent
    Implements IComponent
    Public Event Disposed As EventHandler Implements IComponent.Disposed
    Private m_curISBNSite As ISite
    Private m_bookTitle As String 
    Private m_bookAuthor As String 

    Public Sub New(ByVal Title As String, ByVal Author As String)
        m_curISBNSite = Nothing
        m_bookTitle = Title
        m_bookAuthor = Author
    End Sub 

    Public ReadOnly Property Title() As String 
            Return m_bookTitle
        End Get 
    End Property 

    Public ReadOnly Property Author() As String 
            Return m_bookAuthor
        End Get 
    End Property 

    Public Sub Dispose() Implements IDisposable.Dispose
        'There is nothing to clean. 
        RaiseEvent Disposed(Me, EventArgs.Empty)
    End Sub 

    Public Property Site() As ISite Implements IComponent.Site
            Return m_curISBNSite
        End Get 
        Set(ByVal Value As ISite)
            m_curISBNSite = Value
        End Set 
    End Property 

    Public Overloads Function Equals(ByVal cmp As Object) As Boolean 
        Dim cmpObj As BookComponent = CType(cmp, BookComponent)
        If (Me.Title.Equals(cmpObj.Title) And Me.Author.Equals(cmpObj.Author)) Then
            Equals = True 
            Equals = False 
        End If 
    End Function 

    Public Overrides Function GetHashCode() As Integer
        GetHashCode = MyBase.GetHashCode()
    End Function 

End Class

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