This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IDesignerSerializationManager Methods

The IDesignerSerializationManager type exposes the following members.

Public method AddSerializationProvider Adds the specified serialization provider to the serialization manager.
Public method CreateInstance Creates an instance of the specified type and adds it to a collection of named instances.
Public method GetInstance Gets an instance of a created object of the specified name, or null if that object does not exist.
Public method GetName Gets the name of the specified object, or null if the object has no name.
Public method GetSerializer Gets a serializer of the requested type for the specified object type.
Public method GetService Gets the service object of the specified type. (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public method GetType Gets a type of the specified name.
Public method RemoveSerializationProvider Removes a custom serialization provider from the serialization manager.
Public method ReportError Reports an error in serialization.
Public method SetName Sets the name of the specified existing object.