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IDesignerLoaderHost2 Methods

IDesignerLoaderHost2 Methods

The IDesignerLoaderHost2 type exposes the following members.

Public method Activate Activates the designer that this host is hosting. (Inherited from IDesignerHost.)
Public method AddService Overloaded. Adds the specified service to the service container.
Public method CreateComponent Overloaded. Creates a component of the specified type and adds it to the design document.
Public method CreateTransaction Overloaded. Creates a DesignerTransaction that can encapsulate event sequences to improve performance and enable undo and redo support functionality.
Public method DestroyComponent Destroys the specified component and removes it from the designer container. (Inherited from IDesignerHost.)
Public method EndLoad Ends the designer loading operation. (Inherited from IDesignerLoaderHost.)
Public method GetDesigner Gets the designer instance that contains the specified component. (Inherited from IDesignerHost.)
Public method GetService Gets the service object of the specified type. (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public method GetType Gets an instance of the specified, fully qualified type name. (Inherited from IDesignerHost.)
Public method Reload Reloads the design document. (Inherited from IDesignerLoaderHost.)
Public method RemoveService Overloaded. Removes the specified service type from the service container.

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