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System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization Namespace

The System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization namespace provides types that support customization and control of serialization at design time.

The classes in this namespace can be divided into the following categories:

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
CodeDomSerializer Serializes an object graph to a series of CodeDOM statements. This class provides an abstract base class for a serializer.
CodeDomSerializerException The exception that is thrown when line number information is available for a serialization error.
ContextStack Provides a stack object that can be used by a serializer to make information available to nested serializers.
DesignerLoader Provides a basic designer loader interface that can be used to implement a custom designer loader.
DesignerSerializerAttribute Indicates a serializer for the serialization manager to use to serialize the values of the type this attribute is applied to. This class cannot be inherited.
InstanceDescriptor Provides information necessary to create an instance of an object. This class cannot be inherited.
ResolveNameEventArgs Provides data for the ResolveName event.
RootDesignerSerializerAttribute Indicates the base serializer to use for a root designer object. This class cannot be inherited.


Interface Description
ICodeDomDesignerReload Provides an interface that can be used to optimize the reloading of a designer.
IDesignerLoaderHost Provides an interface that can extend a designer host to support loading from a serialized state.
IDesignerLoaderService Provides an interface that can extend a designer loader to support asynchronous loading of external components.
IDesignerSerializationManager Provides an interface that can manage design-time serialization.
IDesignerSerializationProvider Provides an interface that enables access to a serializer.
IDesignerSerializationService Provides an interface that can invoke serialization and deserialization.
INameCreationService Provides a service that can generate unique names for objects.


Delegate Description
ResolveNameEventHandler Represents the method that handles the ResolveName event of a serialization manager.

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