InheritanceService.IgnoreInheritedMember Method (MemberInfo, IComponent)


Indicates whether to ignore the specified member.

Namespace:   System.ComponentModel.Design
Assembly:  System.Design (in System.Design.dll)

protected virtual bool IgnoreInheritedMember(
	MemberInfo member,
	IComponent component


Type: System.Reflection.MemberInfo

The member to check. This member is either a FieldInfo or a MethodInfo.

Type: System.ComponentModel.IComponent

The component instance this member is bound to.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean

true if the specified member should be included in the set of inherited components; otherwise, false.

Notes to Implementers:

By overriding this method, users can modify the set of members that the inheritance service ignores. The default implementation ignores all members that are private, and allows only public or protected members.

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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