IMenuCommandService Members

Provides methods to manage the global designer verbs and menu commands available in design mode, and to show some types of shortcut menus.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IMenuCommandService type.

  Name Description
Public property Verbs Gets or sets an array of the designer verbs that are currently available.

  Name Description
Public method AddCommand Adds the specified standard menu command to the menu.
Public method AddVerb Adds the specified designer verb to the set of global designer verbs.
Public method FindCommand Searches for the specified command ID and returns the menu command associated with it.
Public method GlobalInvoke Invokes a menu or designer verb command matching the specified command ID.
Public method RemoveCommand Removes the specified standard menu command from the menu.
Public method RemoveVerb Removes the specified designer verb from the collection of global designer verbs.
Public method ShowContextMenu Shows the specified shortcut menu at the specified location.