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IDesignerHost Members

IDesignerHost overview

Public Properties

public propertyContainer Gets the container for this designer host.
public propertyInTransaction Gets a value indicating whether the designer host is currently in a transaction.
public propertyLoading Gets a value indicating whether the designer host is currently loading the document.
public propertyRootComponent Gets the instance of the base class used as the root component for the current design.
public propertyRootComponentClassName Gets the fully qualified name of the class being designed.
public propertyTransactionDescription Gets the description of the current transaction.

Public Methods

public methodActivate Activates the designer that this host is hosting.
public methodCreateComponent Overloaded. Creates a component of the specified type and adds it to the design document.
public methodCreateTransaction Overloaded. Creates a DesignerTransaction that can encapsulate event sequences to improve performance and enable undo and redo support functionality.
public methodDestroyComponent Destroys the specified component and removes it from the designer container.
public methodGetDesigner Gets the designer instance that contains the specified component.
public methodGetType Gets an instance of the specified, fully qualified type name.

Public Events

public eventActivated Occurs when this designer is activated.
public eventDeactivated Occurs when this designer is deactivated.
public eventLoadComplete Occurs when this designer completes loading its document.
public eventTransactionClosed Adds an event handler for the TransactionClosed event.
public eventTransactionClosing Adds an event handler for the TransactionClosing event.
public eventTransactionOpened Adds an event handler for the TransactionOpened event.
public eventTransactionOpening Adds an event handler for the TransactionOpening event.

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