CreateDesignSurfaceCore Method
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DesignSurfaceManager.CreateDesignSurfaceCore Method (IServiceProvider)


Implementation that creates the design surface.

Namespace:   System.ComponentModel.Design
Assembly:  System.Design (in System.Design.dll)

protected virtual DesignSurface CreateDesignSurfaceCore(
	IServiceProvider parentProvider


Type: System.IServiceProvider

A service provider to pass to the design surface. This is either an instance of DesignSurfaceManager or an object that implements IServiceProvider, and represents a merge between the service provider of the DesignSurfaceManager class and an externally passed provider.

Return Value

Type: System.ComponentModel.Design.DesignSurface

A new design surface instance.

The CreateDesignSurfaceCore method is called by both CreateDesignSurface methods. It is the implementation that actually creates the design surface. The default implementation just returns a new DesignSurface. You may override this method to provide a custom object that derives from the DesignSurface class.

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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