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DependencyPropertyDescriptor Properties

The DependencyPropertyDescriptor type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Attributes Gets the collection of attributes for this member. (Overrides MemberDescriptor.Attributes.)
Public property Category Gets the name of the category that the member belongs to, as specified in the CategoryAttribute. (Overrides MemberDescriptor.Category.)
Public property ComponentType Gets the type of the component this property is bound to. (Overrides PropertyDescriptor.ComponentType.)
Public property Converter Gets the type converter for this property. (Overrides PropertyDescriptor.Converter.)
Public property DependencyProperty Returns the dependency property identifier.
Public property Description Gets the description of the member, as specified in the DescriptionAttribute. (Overrides MemberDescriptor.Description.)
Public property DesignerCoerceValueCallback Gets or sets a callback that designers use to modify the effective value of a dependency property before the dependency property value is stored in the dependency property engine.
Public property DesignTimeOnly Gets whether this member should be set only at design time, as specified in the DesignOnlyAttribute. (Overrides MemberDescriptor.DesignTimeOnly.)
Public property DisplayName Gets the name that can be displayed in a window, such as a Properties window. (Overrides MemberDescriptor.DisplayName.)
Public property IsAttached Gets a value that indicates whether the property is registered as an attached property and is being used through an attached usage.
Public property IsBrowsable Gets a value that indicates the value of the BrowsableAttribute on the property. (Overrides MemberDescriptor.IsBrowsable.)
Public property IsLocalizable Gets a value indicating whether this property should be localized, as specified in the LocalizableAttribute. (Overrides PropertyDescriptor.IsLocalizable.)
Public property IsReadOnly Gets a value indicating whether this property is read-only. (Overrides PropertyDescriptor.IsReadOnly.)
Public property Metadata Gets the metadata associated with the dependency property.
Public property Name Gets the name of the member. (Inherited from MemberDescriptor.)
Public property PropertyType Gets the represented Type of the dependency property. (Overrides PropertyDescriptor.PropertyType.)
Public property SerializationVisibility Gets a value indicating whether this property should be serialized, as specified in the DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute. (Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public property SupportsChangeEvents Indicates whether value change notifications for this property may originate from outside the property descriptor, such as from the component itself, or whether notifications will only originate from direct calls made to SetValue. (Overrides PropertyDescriptor.SupportsChangeEvents.)
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