System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Namespace

Contains attributes that are used to provide additional information about classes and properties. These attributes are consumed by Code First when discovering a conceptual model.

  Class Description
Public class ColumnAttribute Specifies the database column that a property is mapped to.
Public class ComplexTypeAttribute Denotes that the class is a complex type. Complex types are non-scalar properties of entity types that enable scalar properties to be organized within entities. Complex types do not have keys and cannot be managed by the Entity Framework apart from the parent object.
Public class DatabaseGeneratedAttribute Specifies how the database generates values for a property.
Public class ForeignKeyAttribute Denotes a property used as a foreign key in a relationship. The annotation may be placed on the foreign key property and specify the associated navigation property name, or placed on a navigation property and specify the associated foreign key name.
Public class InversePropertyAttribute Specifies the inverse of a navigation property that represents the other end of the same relationship.
Public class MaxLengthAttribute Specifies the maximum length of array or string data allowed in a property.
Public class MinLengthAttribute Specifies the minimum length of array or string data allowed in a property.
Public class NotMappedAttribute Denotes that a property or class should be excluded from database mapping.
Public class TableAttribute Specifies the database table that a class is mapped to.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DatabaseGeneratedOption The pattern used to generate values for a property in the database.