This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Namespace

The System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace provides attribute classes that are used to define metadata for ASP.NET MVC and Dynamic Data controls.

Public classAssociatedMetadataTypeTypeDescriptionProviderExtends the metadata information for a class by adding attributes and property information that is defined in an associated class.
Public classAssociationAttributeSpecifies that an entity member represents a data relationship, such as a foreign key relationship.
Public classConcurrencyCheckAttributeSpecifies that a property participates in optimistic concurrency checks.
Public classCustomValidationAttributeSpecifies a custom validation method to to validate a property or class instance.
Public classDataTypeAttributeSpecifies the name of an additional type to associate with a data field.
Public classDisplayAttributeProvides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify localizable strings for types and members of entity partial classes.
Public classDisplayColumnAttributeSpecifies the column that is displayed in the referred table as a foreign-key column.
Public classDisplayFormatAttributeSpecifies how data fields are displayed and formatted by ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
Public classEditableAttributeIndicates whether a data field is editable.
Public classEnumDataTypeAttributeEnables a .NET Framework enumeration to be mapped to a data column.
Public classFilterUIHintAttributeRepresents an attribute that is used to specify the filtering behavior for a column.
Public classKeyAttributeDenotes one or more properties that uniquely identify an entity.
Public classMetadataTypeAttributeSpecifies the metadata class to associate with a data model class.
Public classRangeAttributeSpecifies the numeric range constraints for the value of a data field.
Public classRegularExpressionAttributeSpecifies that a data field value in ASP.NET Dynamic Data must match the specified regular expression.
Public classRequiredAttributeSpecifies that a data field value is required.
Public classScaffoldColumnAttributeSpecifies whether a class or data column uses scaffolding.
Public classScaffoldTableAttributeSpecifies whether a class or data table uses scaffolding.
Public classStringLengthAttributeSpecifies the minimum and maximum length of characters that are allowed in a data field.
Public classTimestampAttributeSpecifies the data type of the column as a row version.
Public classUIHintAttributeSpecifies the template or user control that Dynamic Data uses to display a data field.
Public classValidationAttributeServes as the base class for all validation attributes.
Public classValidationContextDescribes the context in which a validation check is performed.
Public classValidationExceptionRepresents the exception that occurs during validation of a data field when the ValidationAttribute class is used.
Public classValidationResultRepresents a container for the results of a validation request.
Public classValidatorDefines a helper class that can be used to validate objects, properties, and methods when it is included in their associated ValidationAttribute attributes.

Public interfaceIValidatableObjectProvides a way for an object to be invalidated.

Public enumerationDataTypeRepresents an enumeration of the data types associated with data fields and parameters.