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System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Namespace

The System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace provides attribute classes that are used to define metadata for ASP.NET MVC and Dynamic Data controls.

Public classAssociatedMetadataTypeTypeDescriptionProviderExtends the metadata information for a class by adding attributes and property information that is defined in an associated class.
Public classAssociationAttributeSpecifies that an entity member represents a data relationship, such as a foreign key relationship.
Public classConcurrencyCheckAttributeSpecifies that a property participates in optimistic concurrency checks.
Public classCustomValidationAttributeSpecifies a custom validation method to to validate a property or class instance.
Public classDataTypeAttributeSpecifies the name of an additional type to associate with a data field.
Public classDisplayAttributeProvides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify localizable strings for types and members of entity partial classes.
Public classDisplayColumnAttributeSpecifies the column that is displayed in the referred table as a foreign-key column.
Public classDisplayFormatAttributeSpecifies how data fields are displayed and formatted by ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
Public classEditableAttributeIndicates whether a data field is editable.
Public classEnumDataTypeAttributeEnables a .NET Framework enumeration to be mapped to a data column.
Public classFilterUIHintAttributeRepresents an attribute that is used to specify the filtering behavior for a column.
Public classKeyAttributeDenotes one or more properties that uniquely identify an entity.
Public classMetadataTypeAttributeSpecifies the metadata class to associate with a data model class.
Public classRangeAttributeSpecifies the numeric range constraints for the value of a data field.
Public classRegularExpressionAttributeSpecifies that a data field value in ASP.NET Dynamic Data must match the specified regular expression.
Public classRequiredAttributeSpecifies that a data field value is required.
Public classScaffoldColumnAttributeSpecifies whether a class or data column uses scaffolding.
Public classScaffoldTableAttributeSpecifies whether a class or data table uses scaffolding.
Public classStringLengthAttributeSpecifies the minimum and maximum length of characters that are allowed in a data field.
Public classTimestampAttributeSpecifies the data type of the column as a row version.
Public classUIHintAttributeSpecifies the template or user control that Dynamic Data uses to display a data field.
Public classValidationAttributeServes as the base class for all validation attributes.
Public classValidationContextDescribes the context in which a validation check is performed.
Public classValidationExceptionRepresents the exception that occurs during validation of a data field when the ValidationAttribute class is used.
Public classValidationResultRepresents a container for the results of a validation request.
Public classValidatorDefines a helper class that can be used to validate objects, properties, and methods when it is included in their associated ValidationAttribute attributes.

Public interfaceIValidatableObjectProvides a way for an object to be invalidated.

Public enumerationDataTypeRepresents an enumeration of the data types associated with data fields and parameters.

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