This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ComponentModel.Composition.Hosting Namespace

This namespace provides classes for MEF useful to developers of extensible applications, or hosts.

Public classAggregateCatalogA catalog that combines the elements of ComposablePartCatalog objects.
Public classAggregateExportProviderRetrieves exports provided by a collection of ExportProvider objects.
Public classAssemblyCatalogDiscovers attributed parts in a managed code assembly.
Public classAtomicCompositionRepresents a single composition operation for transactional composition.
Public classCatalogExportProviderRetrieves exports from a catalog.
Public classComposablePartCatalogChangeEventArgsProvides data for the Changed event.
Public classComposablePartExportProviderRetrieves exports from a part.
Public classCompositionBatchRepresents a set of ComposablePart objects which will be added or removed from the container in a single transactional composition.
Public classCompositionConstantsContains static metadata keys used by the composition system.
Public classCompositionContainerManages the composition of parts.
Public classDirectoryCatalogDiscovers attributed parts in the assemblies in a specified directory.
Public classExportProviderRetrieves exports which match a specified ImportDefinition object.
Public classExportsChangeEventArgsProvides data for the ExportsChanging and ExportsChanged event.
Public classImportEnginePerforms composition for containers.
Public classTypeCatalogDiscovers attributed parts from a collection of types.

Public interfaceINotifyComposablePartCatalogChangedProvides notifications when a ComposablePartCatalog changes.