This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ComponentModel.Composition Namespace

This namespace provides classes that constitute the core of the Managed Extensibility Framework, or MEF.

Public classAttributedModelServicesContains helper methods for using the attributed programming model with composition.
Public classChangeRejectedExceptionAn exception that indicates whether a part has been rejected during composition.
Public classCompositionContractMismatchExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the underlying exported value or metadata of a Lazy<T> or Lazy<T, TMetadata> object cannot be cast to T or TMetadataView, respectively.
Public classCompositionErrorRepresents an error that occurred during composition.
Public classCompositionExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when one or more errors occur during composition in a CompositionContainer object.
Public classExportAttributeSpecifies that a type, property, field, or method provides a particular export.
Public classExportMetadataAttributeSpecifies metadata for a type, property, field, or method marked with the ExportAttribute.
Public classImportAttributeSpecifies that a property, field, or parameter value should be provided by the CompositionContainer.
Public classImportCardinalityMismatchExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the cardinality of an import is not compatible with the cardinality of the matching exports.
Public classImportingConstructorAttributeSpecifies which constructor should be used when creating a part.
Public classImportManyAttributeSpecifies that a property, field, or parameter should be populated with all matching exports by the CompositionContainer.
Public classInheritedExportAttributeSpecifies that a type provides a particular export, and that subclasses of that type will also provide that export.
Public classMetadataAttributeAttributeSpecifies that a custom attribute’s properties provide metadata for exports applied to the same type, property, field, or method.
Public classPartCreationPolicyAttributeSpecifies the CreationPolicy for a part.
Public classPartMetadataAttributeSpecifies metadata for a part.
Public classPartNotDiscoverableAttributeSpecifies that this type’s exports won’t be included in a ComposablePartCatalog.

Public interfaceICompositionServiceProvides methods to satisfy imports on an existing part instance.
Public interfaceIPartImportsSatisfiedNotificationNotifies a part when its imports have been satisfied.

Public enumerationCreationPolicySpecifies when and how a part will be instantiated.