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System.Collections.Specialized Namespace

The System.Collections.Specialized namespace contains specialized and strongly-typed collections; for example, a linked list dictionary, a bit vector, and collections that contain only strings.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
CollectionsUtil Creates collections that ignore the case in strings.
HybridDictionary Implements IDictionary by using a ListDictionary while the collection is small, and then switching to a Hashtable when the collection gets large.
ListDictionary Implements IDictionary using a singly linked list. Recommended for collections that typically contain 10 items or less.
NameObjectCollectionBase Provides the abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic) base class for a collection of associated String keys and Object values that can be accessed either with the key or with the index.
Represents a collection of the String keys of a collection.
NameValueCollection Represents a sorted collection of associated String keys and String values that can be accessed either with the key or with the index.
StringCollection Represents a collection of strings.
StringDictionary Implements a hashtable with the key strongly typed to be a string rather than an object.
StringEnumerator Supports a simple iteration over a StringCollection.


Structure Description
BitVector32 Provides a simple structure that stores Boolean values and small integers in 32 bits of memory.
BitVector32.Section Represents an section of the vector that can contain a integer number.

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