System.CodeDom.Compiler Namespace

The System.CodeDom.Compiler namespace contains types for managing the generation and compilation of source code in supported programming languages. Code generators can each produce source code in a particular programming language based on the structure of Code Document Object Model (CodeDOM) source code models consisting of elements provided by the System.CodeDom namespace.

Public classCodeCompilerProvides an example implementation of the ICodeCompiler interface.
Public classCodeDomProviderProvides a base class for CodeDomProvider implementations. This class is abstract.
Public classCodeGeneratorProvides an example implementation of the ICodeGenerator interface. This class is abstract.
Public classCodeGeneratorOptionsRepresents a set of options used by a code generator.
Public classCodeParserProvides an empty implementation of the ICodeParser interface.
Public classCompilerErrorRepresents a compiler error or warning.
Public classCompilerErrorCollectionRepresents a collection of CompilerError objects.
Public classCompilerInfoRepresents the configuration settings of a language provider. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classCompilerParametersRepresents the parameters used to invoke a compiler.
Public classCompilerResultsRepresents the results of compilation that are returned from a compiler.
Public classExecutorProvides command execution functions for invoking compilers. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classGeneratedCodeAttributeIdentifies code generated by a tool. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classIndentedTextWriterProvides a text writer that can indent new lines by a tab string token.
Public classTempFileCollectionRepresents a collection of temporary files.

Public interfaceICodeCompilerDefines an interface for invoking compilation of source code or a CodeDOM tree using a specific compiler.
Public interfaceICodeGeneratorDefines an interface for generating code.
Public interfaceICodeParserDefines an interface for parsing code into a CodeCompileUnit.

Public enumerationGeneratorSupportDefines identifiers used to determine whether a code generator supports certain types of code elements.
Public enumerationLanguageOptionsDefines identifiers that indicate special features of a language.