This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.AddIn.Pipeline Namespace

The System.AddIn.Pipeline namespace provides classes for constructing the communication pipeline between a host application and an add-in.

Public classAddInAdapterAttributeIdentifies an object as an add-in-side adapter segment of the pipeline.
Public classAddInBaseAttributeIdentifies an object as an add-in view segment of the pipeline.
Public classAddInContractAttributeIdentifies an object as a add-in contract segment of the pipeline.
Public classCollectionAdaptersEnables collections to be passed between an add-in and its host application.
Public classContractAdapterProvides methods for sharing and readapting add-ins.
Public classContractBaseProvides a default implementation of IContract members.
Public classContractHandleProvides methods that control the lifetime of an add-in.
Public classFrameworkElementAdaptersFrameworkElementAdapters is used by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) add-ins to convert between a FrameworkElement and an INativeHandleContract.
Public classHostAdapterAttributeIdentifies an object as a host-side adapter segment of the pipeline.
Public classQualificationDataAttributeProvides developer-specified data for a pipeline segment.


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