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System.AddIn.Hosting Namespace

The System.AddIn.Hosting namespace provides classes for discovering, registering, activating, and controlling Add-Ins.

  Class Description
Public class AddInController Provides access to an add-in for a variety of tasks.
Public class AddInEnvironment Provides access to the application domain and process of an add-in.
Public class AddInProcess Provides an external process for running add-ins out-of-process from the host application.
Public class AddInSegmentDirectoryNotFoundException The exception that is thrown when a segment directory is missing from the pipeline directory structure.
Public class AddInStore Provides methods to store and find information about available add-ins and pipeline segments.
Public class AddInToken Represents an add-in that can be activated.
Public class InvalidPipelineStoreException The exception that is thrown when a directory is not found and the user does not have permission to access the pipeline root path or an add-in path.

  Structure Description
Public structure QualificationDataItem Represents information supplied by the developer of a pipeline segment, for use by the host.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AddInSecurityLevel Specifies the trust level that is granted to the application domain that an add-in is loaded into.
Public enumeration AddInSegmentType Specifies the type of a pipeline segment.
Public enumeration PipelineStoreLocation Specifies alternative locations for a pipeline store instead of a path to a directory.
Public enumeration Platform Specifies the bits-per-word of the process in which an out-of-process add-in is run.
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