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System.Activities.XamlIntegration Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Contains classes that provide support for the serialization of activities into XAML.

  Class Description
Public class ActivityWithResultConverter Provides type conversion for the result type of a workflow activity operation.
Public class ActivityWithResultValueSerializer Ensures that the result of an activity is properly converted to a string that can be used for serial transmission.
Public class ActivityXamlServices Creates an instance of an activity tree described in XAML.
Public class ActivityXamlServicesSettings Specifies XAML Service settings.
Public class ArgumentValueSerializer Infrastructure. Converts instances of Argument to instances of String.
Public class AssemblyReferenceConverter Represents a converter for assembly references.
Public class CompiledDataContext Represents the compiled data context.
Public class DynamicUpdateMapConverter Represents a dynamic update map converter.
Public class DynamicUpdateMapExtension Specifies dynamic update map extension options.
Public class DynamicUpdateMapItemConverter Represents a converter for dynamic update map items.
Public class FuncDeferringLoader Represents an object that loads an instance of a saved function.
Public class ImplementationVersionConverter Represents a converter for implementation versions.
Public class InArgumentConverter Infrastructure. Provides a type converter to convert InArgument classes to and from various other representations.
Public class InOutArgumentConverter Infrastructure. Provides a type converter to convert InOutArgument classes to and from various other representations.
Public class OutArgumentConverter Infrastructure. Provides a type converter to convert OutArgument classes to and from various other representations.
Public class PropertyReferenceExtension<T> Provides access to properties contained in an x:Class document.
Public class SerializableFuncDeferringLoader Represents a serializable function deferring loader.
Public class TextExpressionCompiler Represents the text expression compiler.
Public class TextExpressionCompilerError Represents a text expression compiler error.
Public class TextExpressionCompilerResults Specifies information about text expression compiler results.
Public class TextExpressionCompilerSettings Specifies text expression compiler settings.
Public class TypeConverterBase Infrastructure. Provides methods that derived type converter classes can use for converting objects to and from various representations.
Public class WorkflowIdentityConverter Represents a workflow identity converter.

  Interface Description
Public interface ICompiledExpressionRoot Specifies information about a compiled expression root.
Public interface IValueSerializableExpression Provides methods for converting expressions to strings.
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