This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Activities.Validation Namespace

The System.Activities.Validation namespace contains classes used for custom activity validation. Custom validation for activities is provided by the ActivityValidationServices class, and custom validation conditions can be created using Constraint and Constraint<T>.

Public classActivityValidationServicesProvides the functionality to validate a workflow.
Public classAddValidationErrorAdd a specified activity validation error to the activity before execution.
Public classAssertValidationAdds a constraint violation to a list of constraint violations if the Assertion condition evaluates to false.
Public classConstraintHandles the validation constraint that is used for validating a workflow element.
Public classConstraint<T>Handles a constraint used for validating an element of type T.
Public classGetChildSubtreeRetrieves workflow child elements from an instance of an activity.
Public classGetParentChainRetrieves the collection of all workflow elements which belong to the parent axis of an activity.
Public classGetWorkflowTreeRetrieves a workflow tree from an instance of an activity.
Public classValidationContextGenerates results based on the correct context for the current node in the workflow tree.
Public classValidationErrorRepresents an instance of a validation error that occurs before execution of the workflow.
Public classValidationResultsContaints all validation errors generated by Validate(Activity) while validating a workflow. These errors are contained in the Errors and Warnings collections.
Public classValidationSettingsRepresents a collection of settings that customize the behavior that Validate(Activity) will exhibit. It also enables the activity user to apply policy constraints to a workflow.