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System.Activities.Presentation.View Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Provides classes related to presentation views.

  Class Description
Public class CommandMenuMode Specifies the full command menu for the context menu that appears when you right-click the canvas.
Public class DesignerView Provides Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls for the designer view that represents the workflow canvas.
Public class ExpressionTextBox Describes a control that enables the user to edit an expression in an activity designer.
Public class Selection Defines a selection of objects that are published as a ContextItem in the EditingContext.
Public class TypePresenter A control used for selecting a type.
Public class TypeResolvingOptions Provides the options available for resolving types used by the TypePresenter.
Public class TypeWrapper A wrapper class for Type that provides type information. This is a sealed class.
Public class ViewCreatedEventArgs Represents the event arguments for the workflow view element created event.
Public class ViewStateChangedEventArgs Provides an object formatted to serve as an event argument containing the information about the changed view state.
Public class ViewStateService Enables the preservation and accessing of all data values associated with the user interaction components of a workflow application, at a particular point in time in the running of a workflow application. A ViewStateService stores view states for model items.
Public class VirtualizedContainerService Represents a virtual container service associated with an editing context and design view. The virtual container service is used to customize the UI virtualization behavior.
Public class WorkflowViewService Handles the mapping of activity designer visual elements and their underlying model items.
Public class WorkflowViewStateService Manages the view state of the activity designer and its underlying model items.

  Interface Description
Public interface IExpressionEditorInstance Represents an expression editor instance.
Public interface IExpressionEditorService Creates or closes expression editors.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ViewStateChangedEventHandler Declares a delegate type that handles changes to the view state.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EditingState Enumerates the possible states of editing an expression in an expression text box.
Public enumeration PropertyKind An enumeration that describes the type of argument being passed.
Public enumeration ShellBarItemVisibility Enumerates the items that are visible in the shell bar.
Public enumeration ShellHeaderItemsVisibility Specifies the visibility of shell header items.
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